Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why I hate Georgia.

10. Stomping on the T in ‘99

This was my first exposure to an entire team going out of its way to disrespect the home team’s venue. I will never forget watching the entire Georgia squad, alone on the field after warmups, hopping on our beloved midfield power T while being showered with boo’s. To this day, this embodies Georgia football to me. You all will remember just a few years ago when Richt instructed his team to get an unsportsmanline penalty on the first score against Florida. When UGA scored, the entire team raced to the endzone to celebrate, causing mass confusion. See the pattern yet? What you have here are disrespectful punks who need to be put in their place.

9. Travel

There is nothing good about road travel in or through the state of Georgia. Atlanta is the best example. Did you know that some foreign countries punish thieves and murderers by extraditing them to the U.S. and making them drive through Atlanta at 5pm on Fridays? Also, living in East TN means that any vacation to the beaches in the south will probably involve long stretches of highway through the state of Georgia. Everyone knows the feeling while on the road for vacation. The moments immediately following departure or right before arrival are exciting, all that space in between is mind numbing. When I’ve been driving through a state for over two hours, I develop a hatred for everything about that state. I hate every town I pass. Basically that’s what the state of Georgia is, the loathsome part of a journey somewhere better.

8. They can’t beat Florida

This one may seem odd, but bear with me. Obviously we all hate Florida, that’s just a given. But how many times have we need UGA to win over UF to get us back on top of the SEC East? And how many times have they let us down? I know we haven’t had great success against UF in recent years, but UGA’s record is something like 3-54 vs UF. When we want them to win, they find a way to choke and it makes me hate them even more. One thing you can guarantee, when it’s all on the line Georgia will choke.

7. Woofing

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more redneck than the Miss State cowbells, I give you the woofs. And they call us hillbillies. What happens when you engage in a verbal duel with someone that has peach jelly for brains? I’ll tell you what happens, they can think of nothing intelligent to say other than making various animal noises. Go ahead, try this experiment on Saturday. It will go something like this:

UT fan: “Hey, I don’t think you guys have an answer for Tyler Bray… think you guys will try to zone blitz him or will your staff go with a base defense and dare him to pick your D apart?

UGA fan: “errrr….. WOOF WOOF WOOF!”

UT fan: “I see… well I know that you will get to know the name Devrin Young quite well this Saturday. How has your kick coverage been thusfar this season?”


See what I mean? It’s like trying to carry on a conversation with an actual member of the animal kingdom. No wonder we are the superior beings.

6. The Georgia Dome

Not that it has anything to do with Georgia Football (especially lately), but it is located in Georgia and I hate it. This house of horrors has entertained some of the worst memories in a UT fan’s mind. This trend started with the 2001 SECC game vs. LSU. This game is universally regarded as the beginning of the dark ages of UT football. Ever since, whether it be bowl games or SEC title games… UT has laid a big fat egg in this building. Every time I attend a game here I come away saying to my travel companions, “don’t ever ask me to come to a game here again”. UT basketball hasn't fared any better. This building is cursed.

5. UGA dog

Wow, what a unique mascot. A bulldog. How bad is it when you share the same mascot as someone in your conference? What an ugly, dumb-looking animal. It can’t even run without falling over in a heap from exhaustion. However this is fitting, I suppose.

4. David Greene/Pollack

This represents the most annoying two members of any football team in the history of collegiate sports. Did you know that they were roommates? I don’t think I need to elaborate any more on this one.

3. Uniforms.

Following in the footsteps of so many high schools, the Dawgs decided to copy the helmet of an NFL team and then cleverly change the color scheme to give it the sense of originality.

That’s not all… they take Oregon’s lead and decide to wear the abomination that was the Boise St uni’s. Come on Georgia, you try too hard… and it’s embarrassing.

2. UGA fans

Some of the most obnoxious, pompous, disrespectful fans I’ve ever come in contact with. Sort of like Florida fans (only Georgia hasn’t won anything significant since 1980). During the beatdown of UGA in ’07, after Tennessee’s third touchdown I witnessed two Georgia brats rip the cushion seats off their bleacher rows and throw them into the UT fans seating nearby. How out of touch do you have to be to behave this way, I ask? Georgia fans personify unjustified arrogance.

1. 2001 – UGA vs. UT (AKA, the Hobnail Boot Game)

This was Richt’s first visit to Knoxville as the coach of Georgia. I will forever remember the single most exciting offensive play in my life as a UT fan as the screen pass to Travis Stephens to score and go ahead of Georgia with a minute to play. I’ve never seen such jubilation in one moment in Neyland. Everywhere I looked I saw arms reaching for the heavens (and oddly, legs too). And after an inexplicable squib kick, UGA somehow still has time to score and get the win. I witnessed two people having to be tended to by paramedics for what seemed to be heart problems. I’ve never experienced such a roller coaster ride of emotions in such a short time of a game, and I hate Georgia for it.

I invite you all to tell me why you hate Georgia in the comments section. Let’s hear it!

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